Did You Know That God Loves a Good Romance?

Romance is where passion grows and how that spark turns into a flame that keeps burning.

It started while I was searching for fresh ideas for romance.

Well, not just any romance—but my romance.

So I playfully put the question to my hairdresser: “I’m working on this little experiment for my marriage and need some romantic ideas. Any ideas?”

“Why not rent one of the honeymoon cabins up at the Five Pines?” she suggested.

I laughed at the thought. After nearly three decades of marriage and eight kids, Matt and I hardly qualify as honeymooners.

“Great suggestion!” I chuckled. And with the aluminum foil on my head glittering under the fluorescent lights, I began searching for those dreamy-sounding cabins on my phone…

We had been in a season of trudging, grinding, doing the next thing. I knew the furthest thing from Matt’s mind was romance. Every marriage passes through seasons like this when connection and true, intimate fellowship are hindered.  But that was okay this time because I made a conscious decision—a choice—to pursue Matt romantically. All he had to do was come along for the ride.

So the next thing I knew, before my hair was even dry, I had booked a reservation at The Five Pines. Two nights in the “honeymoon cabin” for two people who had been married for nearly thirty years.

Our Little Romance Cabin in the Woods

I’d say the easy part was reserving the romance cabin; the bigger challenge was convincing Matt. Having grown up in BC, Canada, his idea of a cabin is more like a remote trapper’s cabin many miles from anywhere or anyone.

These local cabins, on the other hand, were neatly stacked in rows, one right next to the other, with every luxury appointment (but to give them credit, you could view the “woods” from the back door). This kind of thing usually elicits from him a slightly raised eyebrow and a look of mild disdain.

And yes, I knew he’d consider them pretend cabinsand maybe they were—but we could pretend for a couple of days, couldn’t we?

The second hurdle was the timing. We were in the middle of a hectic and, therefore, stressful season. Time-wise, we couldn’t afford this mini-honeymoon adventure; it was an exceptionally inconvenient month to schedule a romantic getaway. Yet, I managed to persuade Matt that this was precisely why we should do it.

And so off we went.

After grabbing our keys from the front desk, we crossed the small bridge to our little love shack in the woods. He was the first to dramatically open the door while I was filming the grand moment with my phone.

I was laughing the entire time . . . until I heard him click the door, playfully locking me out in the snow. Very funny, Matt Jacobson!

But it wasn’t until we walked inside and closed the door behind us that it truly dawned on us: we had nowhere to go and no one to see for the following forty-eight hours.

Let the honeymoon begin!

God Loves a Good Romance

In the years from adolescence to womanhood, I don’t think I ever put that pair of words together: God and romance. In my mind, these were two entirely different topics, and one didn’t have much to do with the other.

And yet, I inexplicably desired romance—both before and after marriage. It didn’t really make sense in my mind. Why would a fairly practical, down-to-earth Christian woman like me long for such impractical, intangible things?

Why? It’s a question I mulled over for some time. Eventually, I ventured to ask Matt what he thought this burning desire might be about.

Sure enough, my pastor husband had a ready answer. But he didn’t turn to the Song of Solomon like I would have expected. Instead, he pointed right to the beginning in Genesis. “Look, the Book starts with two naked people walking around in a garden, so desire is no surprise. But, Babe, think about it; it must’ve been beautiful and incredibly hot.”

Interesting. I’d never thought of it quite like that but had focused on what came next instead.

 You know, the apple, the snake, the devastation of sin, and the banishment and murder that followed—that part of the story. That’s where my mind immediately went.

And maybe that’s where your mind goes too. But have you tried imagining what it must have been like before the fall? Lush and green. Exotic and sweet. A man and a woman in their (ahem) natural state. Made for each other.

Eden must have been downright steamy in those beginning days—exactly how God designed it. Adam and Eve must have experienced some of the most romantic moments of all time.

And you know what else I appreciate about this picture? How simple it all was. How very natural, how very good.

The {Romance} Experiment

Are you looking for more romance in your marriage?

There’s no reason to sit passively by and wait for it to magically appear. You can take action. Pursue. You don’t have to check into a honeymoon suite (or cabin) to enjoy a romantic holiday. Try brainstorming what might be marvelously restorative for the two of you. Think back to what you enjoyed together at the beginning of your relationship. Or consider something you’ve never done before, and try that.

And if you can’t get away? After the kids are in bed, you could meet him on the back porch and watch the stars come out. Or you could set up an in-house picnic: spread a blanket on the floor, bring in a basket of goodies, and pour a glass of sweet something. Set aside a couple of hours to enjoy the God-given romance waiting for you.

Don’t be shy about stirring up the beauty and mystery of two people meant for each other. Enjoy a little romance.

With love,

Lisa Jacobson

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