How to Manipulate Your New Calendar for Optimal Living

My teenage son made his first skydive out of an airplane this summer, but the adrenaline rush he got from that adventure cannot compare to the way I feel when I break open the new calendar for the year.

The organizer types out there are giving me a high five right now, and the rest of you think I have a screw loose. But God made all kinds of beautiful people, and I am unashamedly one of the “organizing stuff is fun” kind.

Regardless of your personality, I know that you want to live on purpose. One way to do that is to manipulate your calendar at the beginning of a new year. Let me give you a few of examples of how I’ve done this.


For many years, I kept forgetting to send my nephew a birthday card. His birthday lands on the first day of the month, so I would turn the page and think, Oh no, today is his birthday! Now, when I write in the birthdates on the calendar for the new year, I make a note in the month before that says, “Send Drew a card!” I’m not the best at getting cards out on time, but I want to be. Giving myself a reminder helps.

Planning Ahead

Here’s another example: in the last few years my husband has really wanted to fill a box for Operation Christmas Child. As he is not the organizer type, this usually occurs to him the day before the box is due. It has resulted in stress between us and general failure to pack a box at all.

So for this coming year, I have taken the time to write two items to buy each month for the gift box, beginning in January. I can hardly wait to surprise him this next November when the gift boxes are due, as I pull a full shoe box out of the crawl space and hand it to him.


Also on my calendar I mark names, with the notation “went home” and the date. These are the anniversaries of the deaths of people who have been dear to me. I value the reminder that this is a temporary life and my hope should be set completely on my coming salvation in Jesus Christ. I also pray on that specific calendar day, for the family members who still grieve the loss of the person they love.

Writing Notes

On one square of the calendar each month, I also have written the name of our Compassion child, followed by an exclamation point. This is a reminder to send her a personal note because I don’t want to be one of those sponsors who sends money but makes no effort in relationship.

These are just a few examples of how I’m giving myself future reminders to love people well and to invest in what is important. My calendar hangs on the door of the kitchen pantry, for the whole family to look at. I pray it is a testimony of my effort, to live my life for the glory of God.

Now how about you set a date with your own calendar. (Get it? Set a date with your own calendar?) How can you thoughtfully add meaning to your way of living, just by giving yourself some future reminders for this coming year?

I’d love to hear what you will add to your calendar if you don’t mind leaving a comment below. Readers can influence us bloggers to live well, too, ya know. 🙂


Christy Fitzwater

A Highly-Recommended Planner

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