How to Make the Most of Your Nighttime Routine, Plus 3 Secrets to Success {Real Life with Lisa}

The best way to make the most of your morning, is to first make the most of your evening. Discover my 3 secrets to our nighttime routine!

Making the Most Your Nighttime Routine - Marriage Moment
Your morning routine is only as good as your nighttime routine. 

True, isn’t it?

I’d not thought of it quite like that, but thanks to Heather – a friend and reader – I recognize it now. She mentioned it in a comment which also included a question on how we spend our evenings?

So, after having shared with you Those 7 Things I Do Each Morning That Make My Day Go A Whole Lot Better, I realized I need to follow up with what makes for a good nighttime routine!

Heather makes a good point about how our nighttime routine makes a significant impact on our mornings too. Here she says it in her own words.….

My problem is getting to bed. So my question is, what is your night time routine?

We had a great one at one time. I know that the morning time routine will be only as good as your night time routine.

I try to get our boys in bed by 8:30 so I can unwind and do whatever I can’t when they’re awake (blogging or writing) so I can get to bed by 10. Some nights, this doesn’t happen. Hubby works a week of days and a week of nights for his shifts and some weeks he may be gone 2 to 3 nights. So a lot of night time is all me unless my hubby is off.

I get weary and worn down, so I let things slip. We homeschool too, so most of my day I’m doing that. I try to read the Bible with them, pray, and read a book or two. Hubby helps them with their scripture, which they love.

I need some inspiration and some tips for having a better night time routine…..

Okay, Heather and friends, today I’m sharing with you my basic nighttime routine—as well as three particular nighttime moments that I believe have made the most difference in our marriage and family.

Making the Most of Your Nighttime Routine - Reading Aloud

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