7 Ways to Practice Loving Your Husband Everyday

Sometimes loving your husband takes practice. It doesn’t always come natural but there are some practical ways to do it.

Sometimes loving your husband doesn’t happen naturally or with ease. Sure, it’s easy to love when everything is going well and all our needs are being met. But when the going gets tough, we need to learn to dig a little deeper in order to love more intentionally.

Growing in marriage means going beyond the surface of emotional love to the depths of deliberate love. This digging deep kind of love is what helps you weather storms because your roots grow as you practice loving when it’s hardest to love.

This list is taken straight from 1 Corinthians 13.

Honest Communication is crucial for a marriage to thrive and grow. ~ Christin Slade

7 Ways to Love Your Husband Daily

1. Be patient with him.

No matter what it is that’s driving you crazy about him, or what struggles he’s facing, be patient with him. Take a breath, and pray for your own heart to develop this patience. Love is patient and by showing patience, you are showing love.

2. Be kind to him.

I don’t know why, but I have noticed many wives speak down to their husbands and are generally just unkind to them. Kindness is a cornerstone of love. Being locked into a committed relationship does not give us license to be mean. When you’re having a tough day, dig deep and be kind anyway.

3. Be honest with him.

There’s a time to share honest communication and a time to wait.  When the time comes to share concerns, be honest about them, but do it in a kind manner. Honest communication is crucial for a marriage to thrive and grow. Also, don’t hide things from your husband. This will only shake or break the trust in your marriage.

4. Protect him.

I don’t mean from physical harm, necessarily. If people you are in conversation with attack him or speak down about him, speak up and protect him. Protect his character and integrity. Always speak well of him to others. If you need to seek help with certain struggles, do it privately with someone who can be trusted.

5. Trust him.

This can be tricky because if you have experienced situations in your marriage that have broken that trust, building it up again takes time. But there needs to be a starting point. Trust can be a very empowering motivator to want to be trustworthy. Forgiveness can help us begin or continue to build trust. Also, trust him to make decisions for your family!

6. Hope for your marriage.

All marriages struggle at some point or another. Some struggles are larger than others, but most can heal and be made whole again. There is always hope even when we hit rock bottom. God designed marriage to be for life. Always seek Him for counsel through His Word.

7. Persevere for him.

All husbands make mistakes and have struggles. As his wife, we ought to be his biggest support and helper. Because that’s what love does. It perseveres, and love covers a multitude of sins. That means that no matter what*, you’re always fighting for love.

Practice Loving Every Day

Every day we have the opportunity to show practical love to our husbands and practice a deeper love than what comes easy or natural for us. This is the place where the hard ground of marriage is broken up so something beautiful can grow.

*{This does not apply to abuse}

For His Glory,
Christin Slade



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