The Ultimate List of Epic Audio Adventures for the Whole Family

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I wish I were the mom who loves to read aloud for hours on end. But I’m not. My voice gets tired. I get tired! (And have you ever noticed that as soon as you get into a good Morning Time read-aloud routine again everyone gets sick and you lose your voice or develop a cough?) I also work from home which means my read-aloud hours are limited by more than just my voice. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for me to read aloud every book I want my children to hear.

Thanks to Amazon and Audible, Focus on the Family and Jonathan Park, my kids never lack for wholesome entertainment that stimulates their brains and ignites their imaginations. Audiobooks introduce them to classic literature and allow them to keep childhood favorites on repeat. Audio adventures bring history to life and educate them on important facts without even realizing it. Audio dramas instill important values in my children’s minds and reinforce the character traits we are training them to display.

And while dramatized audio recordings can never replace that priceless read-aloud time, audiobooks can expand those precious hours into a family culture that prizes books.

Patch the Pirate Adventures

I grew up on Patch the Pirate. They were my dad’s favorite to help him stay awake on our family road trips. Combining fun stories with quality music, these audio adventures teach timeless truths in memorable ways.

Jonathan Park Audio Adventures

My younger siblings listened to Jonathan Park–and now they are favorites of my own children. I love the fact that my kids get to listen in as Jonathan and his friends develop character traits. But I really love all the facts they are learning about Creation, science, and faith.

(See Lisa’s review of the Jonathan Park audio adventures here.)

  1. The Adventure Begins
  2. No Looking Back
  3. The Winds of Change
  4. The Hunt for Beowulf
  5. And many more!

Brinkman Adventures Family Audio Drama

We’re new fans of the Brinkman Adventures, thanks to a review copy. But we’re excited to get to know this fictional missionary family. These audio dramas are inspired by true missionary stories. So while some of the episodes are mostly lighthearted, others deal with heavier issues like persecution and child slavery. But they all point listeners back to Truth–and show the unique perspective and challenges of growing up in a missionary family.

Focus on the Family Radio Theatre

Focus on the Family Radio Theatre is more than just an audiobook being read or performed word for word. Professional actors, high quality sound effects, and thrilling music make these beloved theatres ones you’ll want in your family’s collection.

Focus on the Family Radio Theatre for Older Children

Some of the Focus on the Family Radio Theatre presentations deal with topics that make them better suited for families with older children. These are some of those unforgettable stories that will forever touch your children’s hearts and minds.

Lamplighter Theatre

Lamplighter republishes old books, weaving biblical truths and principles into the original stories. In addition, they create radio theatres of many of the tales. We were instantly caught up in The Basket of Flowers. Others, like Sir Knight of the Splendid Way, were a bit harder for my younger children to get into. But the lessons they teach are as timeless as the books they come from.

Heirloom Audio Productions

My brother read all the G.A. Henty books as a teenager. So when I found Heirloom Audio Productions, I was excited to experience G.A. Henty brought to life through audio drama. Though my children love The Story of the World, I didn’t know if Henty–even dramatized–might be beyond them. However, they loved our review copy of In Freedom’s Cause, and we were all excited to learn more about heroes Wallace and Bruce in a memorable fashion.

Favorite Fantasy, Fiction, and Non-Fiction Audiobooks

From classic fictional tales by George MacDonald, Edith Nesbitt, and Arthur Ransome to the brand new fantasy worlds my children love created by Alan W. Harris, S.D. Smith, and Andrew Peterson…here is a treasure trove of fantastic audio adventures for the whole family.

Favorite Audiobooks for Younger Children

When my oldest was young, we introduced her to audiobooks with classics like Winnie-the-Pooh. Here are a few more favorites well-suited for very young listeners!

Now that I’ve shared a few of our favorite audio adventures, I hope you’ll share about your favorite audio dramas in the comments!


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