Helping Your Young Kids Dig Deeper into the Word {A Resource for Parents}

Helping Your Young Kids Dig Deeper Into the Word

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So you know me.

Whenever I come across an excellent resource for you and your family, I can’t help but tell you all about it.

And I’ve lately come across just such a resource.

Are you ready?

It’s the latest from The Dig for Kids series! And it’s all about taking your children through the book of Proverbs. And it’s about gaining wisdom.

Sound wonderful? That’s what I thought too.

I want our kids to know the Word and grow in wisdom!

So I love all the books that The Dig for Kids have put out so far and this one on Proverbs is no exception. I’m always on the lookout for something that will encourage our children to dig a little deeper into the Word and make it their own.

But I don’t want it to be “cheesy” or “fake” because my kids can see right through that stuff. I want it to be real and worth wrestling with — yet accessible to their young minds — and that’s not always easy to find.

Helping Young Kids Dig Deeper Into the Word

So you want to know what I like so much about The Dig Proverbs?

Okay, here it goes . . . .

Simple: I don’t know about you, but I can quickly become overwhelmed with complicated programs—and so do my children. So I greatly appreciate that each lesson is one (ONE!) page long. Hey, I can handle that!

Engaging:  Each lesson is interesting and with just enough challenge to help your child really interact with the Scripture of the day.

Fun:  I like the fact that there’s the right amount of “fun” activities scattered throughout the book to make it sweet for young kids.

Conversational: I’m grateful for the conversation starters throughout the study. What a great way to gain wisdom and discuss these important topics with our kids!

Memorable: The short discussion questions and the easy lesson reminders are the kind that your kids will take with them as they go on in life.

The Dig

The Dig Proverbs (The Dig for Kids)

Age Range: 6 – 12 years
26 Lessons with additional activities
Paperback: 56 pages
Author: Patrick Schwenk.  Patrick and his wife Ruth are the founders of For the Family and Ruth is my friend who is behind the The Better Mom. They are a godly couple and I highly recommend both these sites!

The Dig for Kids is a simple and easy way for parents to study through books of the Bible with their children. The Dig takes the guesswork out of teaching for parents. Each lesson is just one page that contains four main parts: The Map – The Map is the overview of each lesson. It will tell you as a parent and your child what you will be studying. The Dig – The Dig is the main passage of the Bible you will be reading. There are typically three or four review questions that will help with discussion and review. The Treasure – The Treasure is the big idea of the passage you have just studied. Simply put, it is what you want your child to remember in one sentence. The Display – Archaeologists go on a dig, find a treasure, and then put it on display for all to see. This is the basic idea behind the Display. It helps your child live out what he or she has just learned.

Early on in The Dig you will meet a character named Doc. He will be your expert and experienced tour guide. Through each Dig, Doc will help guide a child systematically through books of the Bible. The Dig for Kids is a great resource for parents because it makes teaching children the Bible simple, fun, and interactive! ~ The Publisher

Available here: The Dig Proverbs (The Dig for Kids)

So if you’re looking for a resource to help your young kids dig deeper into the Word? Then I’d definitely recommend The Dig Proverbs {Words of Wisdom}  as a very helpful and fun study!

In His grace,

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*If you purchase The Dig Proverbs through my link here, then I get a small affiliate compensation – with no additional cost to you – and so I thank you for that. But while I appreciate your purchase, you should also know that I share this as my honest review of the book. See my full disclosure here.

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