Amazing Missionary Adventures Your Children Should Know

Missionary stories are inspiring and challenging for adults and children alike and these titles can help grow your child’s faith.

I grew up in Alaska.

The short summers there have days that never end. And if it wasn’t raining, and the mosquitoes weren’t too bad, we would be out until well past a reasonable bedtime.

But when winter came, it was dark and cold. The evenings were long, and perfect for reading books by the dozen. My siblings and I spent hours almost every night, curled up around the woodstove reading or listening while my parents read aloud from book after book every winter of my childhood.

Missionary Heroes

Those evenings around the fire served as introductions to some of the greatest men and women who ever lived: missionary heroes. David Livingstone, the abolitionist explorer. Hudson Taylor, the founder of China Inland Mission. Mary Slessor, the brave woman who wasn’t afraid to go alone where Jesus called her. Brother Andrew, the man whom God gave extra courage. Gladys Aylward, the little woman who was loved by the people she went to serve.

Their names were like the names of old family friends. Their stories echoed in my heart long after the last page of the book was read, and long after I grew up and moved away from home.

The Purpose of Reading About Missionaries

The inspiring stories of missionaries and great faith heroes that my parents read aloud to me during my childhood taught me that God doesn’t call just the exceptionally talented. He doesn’t call just the brave ones to share His truth in difficult circumstances. Instead, He calls the ordinary, common ones like me and gives them exactly what they need to shine where ever He calls them, be it far away in Africa or in their own little neighborhood.

I have a home and family of my own now and live far away from Alaska and those long winters. But I often think back fondly to the evenings around the fire. The faithful lives of those missionaries still challenge, encourage, and inspire me.

As my daughter grows, I aspire to fill our home and evenings with the same kinds of stories about missionary heroes that I grew up on. I’ve begun filling up my bookshelves with missionary stories so that I can pass on the legacy that these godly men and women left us.

These collections of stories about missionaries from around the world are written especially for children, but adults will enjoy the stories too!

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Christian Heroes Then and Now

If you glance through the titles in the Christian Heroes Then and Now series, you may be surprised at some of the names you see. While many of these books speak directly about great missionaries who spent their lives serving God abroad, these non-fictionalized books offer a good way to get to know the stories of great Christian men and women who served God in many different ways throughout the decades.

Though the books in this series were written for 8-12-year-olds, these stories are really inspiring for the whole family! Available—>HERE

Trailblazer Books

These books are a little bit different than the first series in this list. Dave and Neta Jackson have written a series of fictional stories for elementary-aged children about some of the great missionaries in Christian history. The actual story is fictional, but the setting and the missionary are real. It’s a good way to glimpse the culture and the people that people like David Livingston and Amy Carmichael lived and worked with.

The authors emphasize trusting God, making hard decisions, and serving others in each of the books that I readAvailable—>HERE

Trailblazer Missionaries and Medics

The Trailblazer series focuses on the “trailblazers” in the literal sense: the men and women who went ahead and broke the ground for others to follow later. The Missionaries and Medics set is number two in a six-set series that explores the lives of many different kinds of great Christian heroes in all walks of life.

  1. Paul Brand
  2. John G. Paton
  3. Hudson Taylor
  4. Amy Carmichael
  5. Adoniram Judson

But these five books are not the only books about missionaries in the greater Trailblazer series. There is a good selection of other inspiring stories of missionaries every child should grow up knowing. In fact, any of the Trailblazer books will make an inspirational addition to any young person’s library.


Ten Boys Who Changed the World and Ten Girls Who Changed The World

These short chapter books are the perfect introduction for younger readers to some of the beloved heroes of the faith. Each book features 10 stories that are simple to read. Each story is only 7-10 pages long. Easy enough for a newer reader, and long enough to give a good overview of each hero’s work and life, these books are a great way to whet your child’s appetite for reading about missionaries.

These books are also part of two box sets that explore other great men and women as well.


Hero Tales

This series of treasury-style books features true stories of some of my favorite missionaries and Christian heroes. Each treasury features around 15 different inspirational biographies which give a rounded glimpse into the background. They also reveal the way that each person served God.

As single book collections, they are some of my favorite choices for reading aloud about inspiring men and women who lived their lives in God’s service. Available—>HERE

Missionary Stories Around The World

This little book is almost like a missionary story devotional for children. The stories are very brief, giving a short overview of the missionary and their life and ending with a Scripture that ties in with the story. Though too short to provide a proper history of each missionary, it’s a good way to be introduced to some names or stories. Then you can pursue other books as your children grow. Available—>HERE

Heroes for Young Readers

These books offer a chance to tell even our youngest little ones about great missionaries and other inspiring Christian heroes. The simple stories are easy to grasp and make great first introductions to missionary stories for little ones.

Some of the books even have accompanying activity sets to help reinforce the values in each story and make great teaching aids. Available—>HERE

Do you have a favorite missionary story? I’d love to hear about the missionary stories you love and read!


Chantel Brankshire

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