Start the New Year Off Right by Cultivating These Goals

While some people think of the start of the new year as a time to start fresh or take on new goals, we think of it as a time to dive into some new books.

Learning new skills, getting advice, and setting a good foundation for yourself can make achieving your resolutions a reality. Below we’ve listed a few of our favorite books to support your dreams, goals, and resolutions for this year.

Goal – A Clean house

Is your goal to have a clean, organized house, workspace, or life? Cleaning and organizing have more to do with how we spend our time and what we prioritize than we’d sometimes like to admit. No matter where you find yourself currently with your organization and cleaning goals, there’s always room to improve and make your current systems better.

The Clutter Fix by Shannon Acheson

Make Room by Jennifer Ford Berry

Goal – Spend More Time Reading Your Bible

Is your goal to spend more time with God by reading the Bible this year? This is our favorite goal on this list because there’s so much you can gain by spending more time with the Lord. The books below will help you dive into the Bible each day and gain a new understanding of God’s Word.

The Bible Recap by Tara-Leigh Cobble

The Bible Recap Kids’ Devotional by Tara-Leigh Cobble

90-Day Bible Reading Challenge by Mary Demuth

Goal – A Deeper Faith and a Faithful Home

Is your goal to grow closer to God and help your family grow closer to God this year? Spending more time reading your Bible and praying are two options to help you meet that goal, but we also recommend spending time learning from other Christians like missionary Elisabeth Elliot and Bible teacher Sally Clarkson. Living out your faith and talking to your family regularly about your faith and God’s truth is another way to support the faith journeys of those around you.

These Strange Ashes by Elisabeth Elliot

100 Days of Prayer for a Grateful Heart by Carolyn Larsen

Goal – More Creativity

Is your goal to spend more time being creative and finding time for your hobbies this year? There are many different ways to be creative, make art, and otherwise engage the imaginative part of your brain. Creating and making space in your life for hobbies is so important when it comes to refreshing your soul after a season of busyness. Check out the books below to get inspired to create more this year.

Goal – A Healthy Body and Mind

Is your goal to have a healthy body or mind this year? For many people, this is the kind of goal that first comes to mind when they think about setting a New Year’s resolution. While pursuing health is valuable at any level, we love how these books bring it back to God, who should be our focus no matter what other goals we are also pursuing. 

With the new year now officially here, it’s time to set yourself some goals for the year. Let us know your goals by connecting with us on our Facebook page!

Happy reading!

The Club31Women Team

100 Words of Affirmation Your Son/Daughter Needs to Hear

Matt and Lisa Jacobson want you to discover the powerful ways you can build your children up in love with the beautiful words you choose to say every day–words that every son and daughter needs to hear.

These affirmation books offer you one hundred phrases to say to your son or daughter – along with short, personal stories and examples – that deeply encourage, affirm, and inspire.

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