One Simple Way to Create A Powerful Prayer Plan

When you finally set aside some time to pray, have you ever felt like you needed a plan . . . 

I don’t even know how to begin. There are so many needs- my kids, my friends, my spouse, that “issue,” an urgent request…and then there’s me, oh my; I’m already discouraged, and I haven’t even begun to pray!

 If we are really honest, each of us feels this way at some time. And if you are a Mom with little ones, before you even start praying, some small person will likely interrupt you!

I spend a lot of time hanging out with young Moms. Recently in three separate conversations, I was asked,

“Susan, how in the world do you organize your prayer life? Do you have a prayer plan?”

Actually, I do have a plan.

It’s constantly evolving, and it’s not perfect. But it does help me to focus, and it keeps me from feeling overwhelmed with too many needs for one time of prayer.

Prayer Plan Notebook

I have a simple notebook for my prayer plan in which I have inserted dividers – one for each day of the week. Every day I pray for myself, my husband, and each of my five married kids and their children.

Monday’s theme is our relationship with the Lord. (Matthew 6:33). I begin by praying the Lord’s Prayer inserting each of our names within the prayer. Next, I pray for discipline in quiet times, a hunger for God’s word, and whatever relates to this theme.

Tuesday it’s for our marriages. Right when our kids were born, I began to pray for their future spouses (if it was God’s plan that they marry). I prayed these little boys and girls would come to know Christ at an early age, and I prayed for the parents raising them. I secretly hoped there were parents somewhere praying for me! So today I’m praying for my grandchildren’s future spouses.

Wednesday, the theme is close friends. Girls need a soul sister. Guys need guys even though they may not recognize it. We need friends with whom we can be completely vulnerable—friends who’ll push us to Christ and to our mates, folks who’ll challenge us, cry with us, and stick with us.

Thursday’s theme is boldness to proclaim Christ. (Psalm 138:3). I pray for confidence, courage, and conviction, especially for the next generation.

Friday is “heart for the world” day. How desperately we need a vision and love for people outside our cloistered circles. I ask God to give each of us a passion for one country and ways to invest in the poor in our own communities.

Saturdays are reserved for extended family, and Sundays are simply for worship!

Prayers for Different Groups

In addition to family prayers each day, I pray for different groups. For example, one day it may be friends looking for mates, another for friends struggling with infertility, a day for our church staff, a day for friends in other locations, a day for specific Hollywood actors and actresses to come to Christ, a day for each of the girls in my Bible studies, a day for ministries abroad, a day for special people to come to Christ, a day for our country’s leadership and so forth.

It may sound overwhelming, but dividing subjects up into days keeps me from feeling discouraged. I constantly add to my pages, and they are messy.

There’s no one right way to do this. My prayer plan is only one idea. But we can begin by purchasing that notebook and some new pens!

The JOY comes when we look back and see how God has answered!

For the word of the Lord is right and true. He is faithful in all he does. ~ Psalm 33: 4

As John and I have considered our legacy, we have prayed this prayer from Isaiah for our family:

“My Spirit, who is on you, will not depart from you, and my words that I have put in your mouth will always be on your lips, on the lips of your children and on the lips of their descendants-from this time on and forever,” says the Lord. (Isaiah 59:21)

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Susan Alexander Yates

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