Raising Daughters to Say Yes to God

It was just a few days before I was scheduled to board a plane and head to Uganda for 12 days with Sole Hope, an organization offering hope and freedom from foot related diseases. I was excited about this opportunity but there was no doubt that I was going to miss the comfort of my life and the faces that make my days complete.

“It’s only 12 days.”

I kept reminding myself.

When God Calls Us

As a family, we sat around the kitchen table to go over the details of my trip. The floor was open and as I suspected my four daughters had a lot of questions…

“Mommy how long is the flight?”

“Where will you sleep?”

“What will you do with Sole Hope?”

“Can we see pictures?”

One by one I answered each question carefully. I pulled out my laptop and showed the girls pictures of maps, the guest house I would sleep in and images of the children and families I would get to meet while serving with Sole Hope. It felt good to connect as a family and in some small way this little Q & A brought comfort to my heart and theirs.

“Mommy, I have one more question. Are you scared?”

I looked in her eyes and I knew I had to answer honestly. “Yes. I am,” I replied. The truth is, I was terrified.

Almost in unison, my girls shouted, “Then why are you going?”

My reply:

Because sometimes you have to do it anyway.

Saying Yes to God

They looked at me—confused but I could tell they were inviting me to offer something more.

Unfortunately, we live in a culture that says if you don’t want to, well then don’t.

How sad. How false. How unlike Christ.

It’s in the saying “Yes” to God in the hard things that we get to come face to face with His purpose, His grace, His faithfulness and His unfailing love.

What a hard truth for little brains and tiny hearts to wrap around. But though it’s difficult to comprehend, the truth of saying “Yes” to God despite the difficulties is invaluable.

So I grabbed my sweet girls in my arms and together we prayed for comfort as we agreed to courageously live for Christ. We agreed to say “Yes” when He asks us to regardless of how much we want to say no.

I pray that we strive to love others selflessly, seek Christ boldly and serve God fully.

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Do the Hard Things

The truth I want my children to understand is that sometimes regardless of your comfort or your personal preference—you have to make the choice to do the hard things anyway.

Sometimes it’s easy to say Yes to God, but often times it’s not.  My prayer is that each of my girls says yes now and continually as they continue to grow.

I am confident in the fact that God’s purposes and greatest joy for his daughters are found when…. God’s Girl Say Yes.


When your daughter says YES to God in every area of her life, the fruit of the spirit—love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control—will take hold in her heart and soul, bringing her happiness and blessing those around her. To learn more about God’s Girl Says Yes by Wynter Pitts, visit GodsGirlSaysYes.com.

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In Him,

Wynter, For Girls Like You


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