10 Tips on How to Build a Strong Lifetime Marriage

Is it really possible to build a strong, lifetime marriage? What does that look like?

I walked into the room and immediately sensed I was interrupting a very intimate moment.

Matt’s parents were sitting across from each other at their old kitchen table and softly whispering to one another.

I could tell my mother-in-law was having one of her “good” moments — which were increasingly rare in those days — and recognized Dad as the man she had married. He wasn’t that “kind stranger” that he’d become since she began her journey through Alzheimer’s.

For a few brief minutes, he was once again the Love of her life.

So I watched these two dear people quietly holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes. These two who had walked through so much during their over 60 years of marriage together.

Still so much in love.

And I could hear her softly telling him, “When God calls me home (and she knew it wouldn’t be long now), I want to tie a rope between you and me…so that when I go…you’ll come too. So we’ll never have to be apart.”

And he squeezed her hand.

Both of them knowing it didn’t really work like that…but couldn’t help imagining it down in their hearts.

I’ll never forget that picture of those two sweethearts holding hands. Or their brief conversation over that same old familiar kitchen table.

Because I knew right then that, Lord willing, it’s how I wanted to end our days as husband and wife—with that kind of love and commitment.

A Strong Lifetime Marriage

I want that kind of marriage, don’t you?

Understanding this kind of love doesn’t “just happen” or fall into place. Because you slowly begin building a strong marriage today. And tomorrow. And the next day.

Although, honestly, it’s not as hard or complicated as you might think.

So my husband, Matt, and I have been thinking about those things that go into a lifetime marriage, and we want to share some of them with you.

He picked five of his marriage tips and I picked five of mine and, without telling each other what they were, we talked about them on our FAITHFUL LIFE podcast today. We hope you can join us for our own loving conversation across the kitchen table….

In His grace,

Lisa Jacobson

A 52-Week Devotional for the Deeper, Richer Marriage You Desire

An intimate, loving marriage is so much closer than you think

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That kind of marriage is what is waiting for you as you read through the fifty-two weekly devotions in Loving Your Husband Well. Each entry includes a specific theme, related Scripture, a powerful devotion, thoughts for further reflection, practical ideas, and a prayer, all designed to help you love, cherish, and serve the man who shares life’s journey with you.

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