5 Great Ways to Give Your Child A Love for Reading

5 Great Ways to Give Your Child a Love For ReadingI feel rather sheepish to admit it.

But I used to despair that our oldest son would ever learn to read.

It seemed as if all the kids his age were reading. Everyone that is, except him.

Or, to be more precise, all his girl cousins were reading. But not him.

And I was baffled as to why.

He had a fine mind, and both my husband and I enjoy reading. He was raised in a “reading household.”

So why not him?

He simply wasn’t a reader, and I couldn’t figure out “where we’d gone wrong.” (Is that a mom-thought or what?)

But then when I’d almost given up all hope, I found the young boy curled up with a book. READING. I could hardly believe it!

And he quickly went from zero interest to an avid reader in one year’s time.

All that worrying had been for nothing.

So now that I’ve confessed my first-born agonies, I might as well tell you the rest.

Some of our kids are enthusiastic readers.

And some are not so much.

But let me add here that my goal as their mom – and teacher – is to give them a love for learning and, while I think reading is a wonderful way to get there, it’s not the only way.

Because in the end, all our children have grown to appreciate good stories, excellent writing, and interesting information and that’s what matters to us the most. These are the kinds of things that can help carry them into a successful adulthood.

So if you’re a mom (or a grandmother or aunt) who is looking for ways to give your child a love for reading, then here are some great ways to do just that!

Revere Reading Slave,Brave,and Free

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1.  Give your child both time and space.

Some kids are ready to read at age 5. Others not until they’re 10. Some wait until 15. Just protect them from feeling the pressure – from you or anyone else – of learning to read before they’re actually ready. That kind of pressure usually backfires and slows things down, rather than speeds things along.

2. Read aloud to your kids.

You know you’re “supposed” to read to your kids when they’re little (say, pre-school age), but don’t stop there. Keep reading to them, even as they enter middle school years and beyond. There’s something about the sound of a parent’s voice and a good book that makes for a winning combination.

3. Listen to lots of audiobooks.

Our kids listen to stories while doing the dishes, weeding the yard (yes, I’m serious), and often, before going to bed. We’ve been regular subscribers to an audiobook membership for several years now and it’s been a terrific investment for us. (We use Audible – free trial here) We listen to stories as a family while in the car, and “veg-out” on fun ones in the evenings when we’re too tired to do much else.

4. Turn off the electronics.

If they always have access to the easy way – watching a show or playing a game – then it’s less likely they’ll develop a taste for reading.  I’d strongly encourage you to limit their screen-time and set-up routines that allow for regular reading. Rules like “no electronics after dinner” or “read a book before you can have screen time” can help with that.

Yeah, our kids sometimes moan at the New Rules, but then I remember what our oldest son told us later and it helps strengthen my resolve:

My mom didn’t let me fill my mind with garbage movies or technological entertainment.This wasn’t something that I appreciated then, but looking back I certainly do now. Like every kid I wanted to play games or watch movies, but for every time I got to do something in that category there were plenty of hours spent outside or reading. I am certainly much better for it….~ Our oldest son and college-graduate

5.  Start with great stories that will inspire them to read.

I’m often asked, So what changed? What happened that made your son suddenly start reading?

In his case, the turning point was finding a book that so captured his imagination, that he became determined to READ so he could keep going on in the story. He read the entire book in only a few short days. And then re-read it over and over again. Until the book practically fell apart.

Then something very similar happened with our younger sons too. A good friend shared another book with us that she “thought the boys would enjoy” and after that, I hardly saw them over the next few weeks, as each one went on to devour this new adventure series.

So yes, sometimes it is the book that makes the difference.

Slave, Brave and Free and Tales of Larkin

*Small note: While I’ve only mentioned our sons here, our daughters have also greatly enjoyed these books. It’s just that they took more readily to reading than our boys did. Make sense?

Give Your Child A Love for Reading Resources

Slave, Brave, and FreeSlave, Brave, and Free by Cal Bombay with Margaret Sharpe

Three Boys, Three Cultures, One Will to Survive.

These three would never have met but for a strange twist of fate – or is it the Hand of Providence? –that forces them together in a way that changes their lives and the lives of those around them, forever. An exciting and inspiring story that our children still talk about!

Hawthorn's DiscoveryHawthorn’s Discovery by Alan Harris

Small Warriors . . . BIG Adventures!

The Larkin are a race of one-inch tall people who survive in the wilderness by using only Stone Age weapons for defense against snakes, birds, rodents, and savage Renegades.

Hawthorn is a Larkin teen preparing for his first hunt, but when it finally comes, Renegades attack his hunting party. Hawthorn has to find a way to stay alive and rescue the others. In the process, he uncovers a new clan of people and learns challenging truths that will change his world forever.

Big Adventure Book Bundle

Okay, so knowing that I was going to be mentioning both these books today, I asked if there was a way to offer a discount in case someone wanted to get both books.  (I’m a mom – I get the budget thing!)

And wouldn’t you know it, they said, “yes”!

So right now they’re offering a 20% discount off this book bundle!

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And now I hope you’re encouraged! No matter where your child is at – whether a pre-reader or a hungry reader- here are some terrific books to consider.

Happy reading adventures!

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