Make Your Marriage Better Than It Was Yesterday

When’s the last time you educated yourself on how to have a good marriage? Sometimes all you need is a fresh idea to make things better.

“I’m a little nervous,” said my husband.

“Why’s that?” I replied.

“Well, you’re editing that marriage book for guys, and I’m afraid you’re going to come away with a whole list of things I’m doing wrong.”

But that is not what happened. As I finished reading the document, I thought, Well, that explains it. I am a happy wife because my husband does all of these things –all of them. No lie.




I sat back from the computer and said to myself, Wow. A guy could read this, start practicing these things, and make his marriage great.

Of course, Lisa Jacobson and I think that since we both are married to a Matt, maybe there’s something magical in the name.

But more likely the secret is these two guys living by God’s wisdom when it comes to their wives.

Marriage Wisdom

Okay, so then I opened up document number two, Marriage Wisdom for Her, and I’m going to admit that I approached it on the cocky side. With twenty-five years of successful marriage under my belt, I was thinking I had this whole wife thing in the bag.

But then I got to Lisa’s devotion about making the master bedroom a sanctuary, and I sat back from the computer and said, “Ouch.”

All I could think of was the thick layer of dust that always covers one dresser, dirty Kleenex that are usually on the floor on my side of the bed (I know. Gross.), and my work skirts piling up on the other dresser, needing to be hung up. Not very sanctuary-ish.

That very day I determined to make changes in how I was cleaning and managing our bedroom, and I have to tell you that the improved ambiance has had some nice effects.

We even bought two lovely bedside lamps, and I go upstairs in the evening and turn those on.

I’m cleaning that room first now–dusting almost every day.

A sanctuary, she said. It makes a difference.

There were some other bits of wisdom I took to heart from these books, but I don’t want to make all of my public confessions in one day. I’ll just say that it was richly beneficial to humble myself and allow someone to point out (gently) some ways I could improve myself as a wife.

So I won’t be subtle. You and your man should invest in Matt and Lisa’s his-and-her devotional books. They’re easy to read and packed with practical wisdom that just might be a game-changer for your marriage (even if you feel like things are already going well.) When’s the last time you purposefully educated yourself on how to have a good marriage?

Sometimes all you need is a fresh idea or a new perspective to make things better.

With love from Montana,

Christy Fitzwater


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