How One Mom Can Raise A Boy Into A Strong and Godly Man

How One Mom Can Raise A Boy Into A Strong and Godly ManI could tell that there was something going on with my sweet boy.

He wasn’t his usual self. He seemed really unsure about something, but he wouldn’t open up to tell me what it was. I invited him to come and talk with me and we talked a little bit, but I could tell that it wasn’t really about what was bothering him. As he went outside to play, I sat in my dining room and I said a quiet prayer to the Lord.

I needed help. 

I could tell that there was something on my son’s heart but for some reason, he just didn’t feel comfortable sharing it with me that day. 

After praying, I got up to start fixing a snack and it was then that I heard a small voice say in my heart he needs to talk to a man.

When my son came back in for snack a few minutes later, I pulled him to the side and I asked him if he wanted to call his uncle. His whole face lit up and he said yes.

Ten minutes later all was right in his world again.

To this day, I still have no idea what they talked about on the phone and I don’t need to.  It was the first of many occasions when what my son needed in that moment was a man and not a mother.

As a single mom raising boys, one of my biggest struggles is making sure that they learn what it means to be a Godly man.

I can train them and teach them what the scripture says about how we should live and about what a man is supposed to be.  But I understand that having that male figure in their lives is also something that’s very important.

I want to share just a few ways that I have been able to provide that for my boys.

How One Mom Can Raise A Boy Into A Strong and Godly Man

Male Role Models/ Mentor 

I think the number one way that we can help our boys understand what it means to be a Godly man is by providing role models and mentors for them.

It’s important that they see these principles being lived out in everyday life. If you are a single mom, this is going to be tricky, but it is possible. Look to men in your community, church, and in your family. Ask them about mentoring your boys.

Look into programs like Royal Rangers and Trail life where they will be disciplined and mentored by Godly men.

Another great way is by spending time with a Godly couple and their family.

This allows your boys see what a Godly marriage looks like; what it looks like when a husband is leading and loving his wife and his children.

Communicate In a Way They Understand and Teach Them to Communicate Well

Talk with your boys about what it means to be a man. Read scriptures with them.  Read biographies and stories with good Godly figures in them.  

Always let them know you are there to talk whenever they need to. Teach them to communicate well and to express their feelings.

We have to teach them to talk about what’s bothering them. Equip them with the words and encouragement they need in order to communicate in a healthy way.

Balance Childhood with Emerging Manhood

As your boys grow up, find ways for them to feel like they are growing into young men.

It is important for our kids to be kids and to enjoy their childhood, but it’s also important we allow {and encourage} them to grow up, too.

When something needs to be fixed around the house, give your boys the opportunity to take on that job for you. One of my sons is very handy and anytime something is broken, he is the first one to volunteer to fix it.

It takes him a while to get the job done, but it makes him feel proud that he’s able to help contribute to our family in that way.

Teach Them How to Treat Women

Teach your boys how to treat a lady.

This is such an important lesson for our children to learn. 

If we want our boys to learn these lessons, we have to teach it to them.

My boys hold doors for ladies, stand when they leave and enter the room, and use their manners. These are all things I want them to understand when they are older and married, so I make it a point to train them now. 

Raising boys as a single mom is no easy task but it is possible! With the help of community, prayer and a little hard work we can raise our boys to be Godly men of integrity.


LaToya Edwards

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