Top Book Gift Ideas for Kids This Christmas

Books are one of the best gifts any child can receive! If you need some direction, here is a little list of some top book gift ideas for kids.

We don’t know about you, but with Christmas coming up in just a few weeks we’re checking all of our lists twice. One of the best Christmas gifts to give any child is a book! There’s something so special about encouraging the joy of reading in your kids or grandkids, so we’ve created a list of our recommended books to give the kids in your life at Christmas this year. 

On this list, you’ll find books filled with encouragement, jokes, biblical truth, and sweet, wholesome stories. 

Book Gift Ideas for Kids

Picture Books for Preschoolers (Ages 3-5)

Reading with little ones is always a special time, especially when the books have thoughtful and beautiful illustrations. These books have such a great message while also including fun illustrations for your little one to look at and interact with on each page.

So Happy to Know You! by Annie F. Downs

What Sounds Fun To You? by Annie F. Downs

You Can Pray Big Things by Julia Jeffress Sadler

The Happy Crab by Layla and Kevin Palmer

Learning and Laughter for Young Kids (Ages 5-9)

We love books that educate while keeping it fun and interesting! These books are jam-packed with jokes, Bible trivia, and biblical wisdom to help kids learn about the Gospel and hold their wandering attention. Great to read together at home or while in the car!

Kids’ Big Questions for God by Sandy Silverthorne

Crack Yourself Up: Jokes for Kids by Sandy Silverthorne

The Big Book of Animal Devotions by William L. Coleman

Bible Trivia, Jokes, & Fun Facts for Kids by Troy Schmidt

Laugh Out Loud Jokes for Kids by Rob Elliot

You’re Joking Me: Jokes for Kids by a Kid by William Daniel

Inspiration and Hands-On Learning for Middle-Grade Readers (Ages 9-12)

So much growth is happening for kids during these years that keeping up with the changes, let alone your kids’ boundless energy, can be overwhelming. Take a load off with this trustworthy mix of informational, educational, and entertaining books for middle-grade readers.

The Hiding Place [Young Reader’s Edition] by Corrie Ten Boom

The Cross and the Switchblade [Young Reader’s Edition] by David Wilkerson

The Hands-On Ranch Book by Mary Heffernan

Praying Girls Devotional by Sheila Walsh

Revolutionary Heroes by Pat Williams

Braver, Stronger, Smarter by Sissy Goff

The Manual to Middle School by Jonathan Catherman

The Girls’ Guide to Conquering Middle School by Jonathan and Erica Catherman

For the Teen Years and Beyond (Ages 13-17+) 

By the time kids get to high school, they’re already starting to think about their future, and we’ve collected just the books to set them up for a lasting faith and success in life, through their time in high school and beyond.

Stand Up, Stand Strong by Sarah Barratt

Jesus Freaks by DC Talk

The Manual to Manhood, Deluxe Edition by Jonathan Catherman

The Girls’ Guide to Conquering Life by Jonathan and Erica Catherman

My Tech-Wise Life by Amy Crouch and Andy Crouch

3 Big Questions That Shape Your Future by Kara Powell, Kristel Acevedo, and Brad M. Griffin

No matter what ages your kids, grandkids, or nieces and nephews are, they are sure to love one of the books from this list!

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Leave a comment on our Facebook page with your own recommendations or let us know if you love these books, too!

Happy reading!

The Club31Women Team

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