12 Wholesome Gifts for Your Christian Tweens and Teens

Finding good, wholesome gifts for teens, tweens, and kids can be extra challenging. Here are some great ideas!

Four of them.

I’m serious! We have four teens in our home right now. 

Tweens are kids ages 8 to 12 years old.

Teens…well, I’m guessing you already know about them.

And since we have a 14 and 16…and 18 years old…in our home this Christmas.

You can imagine I’ve been thinking hard this year on what would be wonderful and wholesome gifts for our teens. Both boys and girls.

And since some of you might be searching high and low for the same kinds of gifts for your teens, I’m passing on what I’ve come up with for this year. I’m actually quite excited about each one of these options!

Also, if you know me, they happen to be rather affordable.

Which is important to me too.

Now here they are…..

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12 Wholesome, Faith-Based Gifts for Tweens and Teens

1. Jesus Saves: I’m Just a Disciple Who Lends A Hand 

This high-quality hoodie is offered in many colors and is made to last. It’s quite comfortable to slip on, and the inside is soft, plush, and warm. Reviews raved over this one! Available—>HERE

2.  Jonathan Park Adventure Series

If you’ve been around here much, then you already know I’m a big fan of this character-building series. Our older kids grew up listening to these terrific audio adventures, and now our younger kids are loving them too.

And our family just discovered some FANTASTIC NEWS! Jonathan Park Audio Adventure Series Packs  (Regularly $59.99) are ON SALE for just $24.99! Go to www.JonathanPark.com

3.  Beauty In the Bible: Coloring Book for Adults and Teens

With gorgeous designs perfect for framing, these inspirational verses and soothing patterns provide hours of mindful calm and reflection on the word of God. This beautiful book, along with the colored pencils, make a wonderful gift! Available–HERE

4. Soul Statement Cross Bracelets for Young Men

A great expression of one’s faith and a great gift for the man of faith in your life. Available—>HERE

5. Sterling Silver Thin Line Cross Bangle Bracelet

This simple but very elegant bracelet is made of sterling silver (also available in rose gold). The nice thing is that it can be worn on those special occasions, but just as appropriate for casual, everyday wear. Available–>HERE

6. A Young Man After God’s Own Heart: A Teen’s Guide to a Life of Extreme Adventure

Becoming a young man after God’s own heart is a lot like climbing a mountain. He’ll find all sorts of challenges on the way up, but the awesome view at the top is well worth the trip. And once he gets started on this journey, he’ll never be the same! Available–>HERE

7. A Young Woman After God’s Own Heart®: A Teen’s Guide to Friends, Faith, Family, and the Future

What does it mean to live God in your everyday life? It means knowing and following God’s perfect plan as a young woman. Learn how to grow close to God, get along with your family and friends, prepare for the future, and more. As she reads along, she’ll find herself caught up in the exciting adventure of a lifetime—that of becoming a woman after God’s own heart! Available–>HERE

8. Young Men’s Personalized Leather Wallet

The engraving on the inside has so much meaning and inspiration to move forward in life as a daily reminder each time he opens his wallet. They have MANY options for the inscriptions–including WHO it is for. Available–>HERE

9.  ESV Journaling Bible

As a teen, I was always torn whether I should write in my Bible..or not. On the one hand, I wanted to emphasize those passages that stood out to me and to make notes on others. But then again, it started looking rather “messy” rather fast. So I LOVE this idea for a Bible – to actually design a place to write that is intended for notes and thoughts. Available–>HERE

10. Faith Necklace (Rom. 10:17)

Both cute and stylish, this Faith necklace comes in a variety of styles with favorite Bible verses to suit different tastes (they offer several different Christian themes!). Available—>HERE

Gifts for Teens

11a.  Teen to Teen: 365 Daily Devotions by Teen Guys for Teen Guys

What more encouraging way to gain perspective than by talking to someone who has been there, especially when that someone is one of your peers. Written expressly for teens by teens, this unique devotional creates a safe, social atmosphere for teens to learn that they are not alone and that God is at work in their lives. Teens learn from other’s failures and triumphs on how to make the right choices. Available—>HERE 

Gifts for Girl Teens

11b.  Teen to Teen: 365 Daily Devotions by Teen Girls for Teen Girls

Written expressly for teens by teens, this unique 365-day devotional is filled with personal experiences that are relatable and heartfelt. Short and easy to read. An encouraging gift for your favorite teen girl!   Available—->HERE


12.  You’re God’s Girl: A Devotional for Tweens

Wynter Pitts, author of For Girls Like You, offers this wonderful devotional for tween girls. I recommend these delightful devotionals to all my friends with tween-aged girls! They are full of such encouraging wisdom and help for our young girls.  Available—HERE

So aren’t those great picks to choose from? I thought so too!

A Merry Christmas to you and your young people too!

In His grace,

Lisa Jacobson

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